The MotorPress API is still in development and some endpoints may change without notice. This documentation has been published for information and experimental purposes only. DO NOT USE IN PRODUCTION


This documentation covers the MotorPress API. The original MediaLink API documentation can be found at Note that the MediaLink API will reach end-of-life in the near future so new implementations should make use of the newer MotorPress API.

The MotorPress API provides HTTP access to the MotorPress platform: a centralised media distribution platform for the Southern African automotive industry. It is built on a standard HTTP request and response cycle.

The API is readonly and cannot be used to insert content into the MotorPress catalogue.

  • Uses predictable, resource based URLS, requests and responses.
  • Adheres strictly to the HTTP standard and responds with known HTTP response codes.
  • Closely follows the JSON-API specification.
  • Returns application/json.

The documentation includes a number of examples for requests and responses. In some cases, code examples may be provided in some common programming languages.

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